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A high pressure pumping unit mounted on an offshore skid design. The unit is comprised of a high-pressure pumping system, all required controls, instrumentation, and a hydraulic system to drive fluid handling equipment. Unit electronics can be designed to meet Class 1 Div 2 and Zone 2 ATEX specifications, allowing for operation in potentially hazardous areas. Unit will be operated locally or remotely at control room. This equipment will be designed and developed for offshore Zone 2 environments.


Single or multi skid designs, depending on weight limitations, that are DNV 2.7-1 or ABS certified


Two (2) diesel engines, Radiator, Water connections, Explosion proof air starter with non-spark engagement, Electronic shutdown system. Electronic Control System, Flame protection kit.


Two (2) transmissions, Wet housing, Remote transmission filters, Programmed for power shifting, with reverse blocked out, Lockup converters for direct drive, Fail to neutral, Engine cooling system will provide adequate cooling of transmissions, Higher gears will be blocked to prevent the pump from over speeding.


Two (2) compact quintuplex or triplex pumps. Includes gauge connection, discharge flanges, suction manifold, and plunger size of choice.


Slanted style sweeping bottom to provide full suction to the pumps. The fluid
handling system includes two tanks carbon steel 20 barrel total capacity, 10
barrel each tank. These tanks are designed to eliminate side wall pop-out which
can affect fluid displacement.
Other features:
• Enumerated lever markers
• Dump valves
• Tanks overflow piping
• Auxiliary mud/load line for external drilling fluids
• Drain sumps
• Removable rock/debris guard in each compartment


Installed on each pump discharge connection facing the rear of the unit will be one (1) each 2” Fig. 1502 discharge union connection. It will connect each pump to a high pressure manifold.


A complete release manifold will be installed on this unit for rolling fluids in the fluid holding tanks using the pumps or for releasing pumped fluids from the wellbore back to the fluid holding tanks


  • Monitoring Capabilities include: Left side discharge pressure, right side discharge
    pressure, auxiliary pressure, left side flow, right side flow, total down-hole flow,
    density, and auxiliary density.
  • One (1) 15” Touch Screen Color Monitor.
  • Job data is stored on the on-board IPC and retrieved via USB memory
    stick. It can be viewed in Excel text or graph format and saved on an
    external computer.
  • Ability to store up to 10 stages per job.