Zone 2 – 1000HP Units on Test Stand
Zone 2 1000HP Frac Pump
1000HP Cutout ground level resample


Consisting of an offshore skid design engine, transmission, pump, power end lubrication, packing lubrication, and all necessary valves and controls for normal operations. Unit electronics can be designed to meet Class 1 Div 2 and Zone 2 ATEX specifications, allowing for operation in potentially hazardous areas. It will be operated locally or remotely at control room. All engine, and operation parameters will be transmitted to control room. This equipment shall comprise of a pumping unit designed and developed for offshore Zone 2 environments. Zone 2 work lights will provide sufficient lighting to illuminate working stations in low light conditions and / or during night time operations. All discharge treating iron will be rated for 15,000 psi operating working pressure.