Zone 2 – 1000HP Units on Test Stand
Zone 2 1000HP Frac Pump
1000HP Cutout ground level resample

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Consisting of an offshore skid design engine, transmission, pump, power end lubrication, packing lubrication, and all necessary valves and controls for normal operations. Unit electronics can be designed to meet Class 1 Div 2 and Zone 2 ATEX specifications, allowing for operation in potentially hazardous areas. It will be operated locally or remotely at control room. All engine, and operation parameters will be transmitted to control room. This equipment shall comprise of a pumping unit designed and developed for offshore Zone 2 environments. Zone 2 work lights will provide sufficient lighting to illuminate working stations in low light conditions and / or during night time operations. All discharge treating iron will be rated for 15,000 psi operating working pressure.


Single or multi skid designs, depending on weight limitations, that are DNV 2.7-1 or ABS certified


Display monitor, Over-speed sensor, High water temperature switch, Low oil pressure switch, High exhaust temperature switch, Gas sensing head, Gas bottle , Pressure regulator switch, Air valve control solenoid, Emergency stop switch. Electronic shutdown and gas detection system. Radiator with anti static fan blade, anti static belts, and fan guard. Explosion proof air starter with non-spark engagement


Customized valve body for Zone 2 operation. Operator can change gears at the local control enclosure, at the remote control, or at the Master Frac Controller located in the control room.


Triplex or Quintuplex pumps. Includes gauge connection, discharge connection, suction manifold with clean out ports.


Installed on the unit will be a 3” 1502 single discharge manifold rated to 15,000 psi.


Power end will be lubricated with a force feed filtered back flow system direct driven from the deck engine or transmission. This system will be comprised of the following components: Lube pump, Stainless Steel Lubrication Tank built into skid frame, Pump inlet suction strainer, Sight level glass, Man-way style access hatch, Baffle protection, Drainage connection and valve, Lube oil temperature gauge located on the monitoring box, Lube oil filter, Power end lube manifold will be installed for oil analysis.


An air over oil plunger lubrication system will be installed with flow controls and fittings. Necessary relief and check valves to prevent over pressuring and flow reversals in the lube oil circuit will be installed. The system will have a back-up that features a TEE followed by a ball valve to allow oil to drip directly on to the plunger.


Installed on the local panel will be the following:
• Engine shutdown control
• Touch screen monitor that displays real time operating parameters
• Digital engine monitor / display for all engine functions and readings i.e. tachometer, oil pressure, temperature, and other parameters
Remote control exterior will be constructed of a heavy duty protective suitcase
style with a stainless steel interior panel.
• Engine emergency kill/shutdown
• Touch screen monitor:
-Displays all real time frac operation parameters to include some engine, transmission, and pump parameters.
-Touch screen transmission gear selector
-Touch screen stop button
-Touch screen keyboard will pop up when applicable to adjust settings.