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triplex frac pump
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Frac Pump

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The Frac Pump consists of a trailer, engine, transmission, pump, hydraulic system , power end lubrication, packing lubrication, and all necessary valves and controls for normal operations.  This unit is capable of being operated at the local control enclosure, remotely, or from data van.  All engine, hydraulic, and job operation parameters will be transmitted to data van.  The frac pump has work lights that will provide sufficient lighting to illuminate working stations in low light conditions and/or during night time operations.  All discharge treating iron will be rated for 15,000 psi operating working pressure.


The Frac Pump trailer comes standard 5th Wheel to Kingpin connection, air ride suspension, ICC DOT approved lighting featuring LED lighting package, brakes-DOT approved anti-lock brake system, tires: 14ply, 11R 24.5, with aluminum wheels, rear bumper with enclosed lights, rear tow connection, reflectors, and front and rear mud flaps.


The Frac Pump radiator is designed for ambient conditions- 40 degrees F to 127 degrees ambient and has hydraulic driven variable speed fan system. Radiator package is tested and includes water jacket radiator, ladder, fan shroud, fan guard, hinged core guard, fuel cooler, power end lube cooler, and hydraulic cooler.

ENGINE (CAT, MTU, or Cummins)

Electric throttle control, digital engine monitor/display for all engine functions and readings i.e. tachometer, oil pressure, temperature, shutdowns, alerts, and other parameters; alternator, air compressor with air governor, hydraulic starter, electronic control system with safety shutdown for low oil pressure, high water temperature, engine over speed, and low coolant level.

TRANSMISSION (CAT, Allison, or Twin Disc Transmission)

Automatic transmission set up for power shifting Operator can change gears at the local control enclosure, at the remote control, and at the data van. Transmission cooler will be mounted near radiator or on engine.


Up to 2500 HP Triplex or Quintuplex pumps.  Includes gauge connection, discharge flanges, suction manifold with clean out ports, and plunger size of choice.


Installed on the frac pump will be a 3” 1502 dual discharge manifold rated to 15,000 psi.


Grease pump lube system will be installed for packing lubrication that includes a quick refill kit. The lubrication system will be programmed to provide grease to all five(5) plungers when the pump is stroking and automatically shuts off when the pump is not stroking.


Engine hydraulic starting system powered from customer supplied tractor with wet kit.  The fan hydraulic system will be powered from the deck transmission or engine auxiliary drive.


Installed on the local panel of the frac pump will be the following:

  • Engine emergency kill/shutdown control
  • Touch screen monitor that displays real time operating parameters
  • Digital engine monitor will display all engine functions and readings i.e. tachometer, oil pressure, temperature, and other parameters.

Local control enclosure will have a bulk head fitting to connect the remote control

Remote control exterior will be constructed of a heavy duty protective suitcase style with a stainless steel interior panel

  • Engine emergency kill/shutdown
  • Touch screen monitor
    • Displays all real time frac operation parameters to include some engine, transmission, and pump parameters
    • Touch screen transmission
    • Touch Screen stop engine gear selector buttons
    • Touch screen keyboard will pop up when applicable to adjust settings
  • Encoder Throttle controller


The Frac Pump shall be fully assembled , unitized and completed to customer’s specifications

  • Installation of LED work lights, fire extinguisher, (2) 150 gallon fuel tanks installed with an equilzation valve, and complete comprehensive test and test report.