high volume hurricane blender unit photo
high volume hurricane blender units photo
high volume hurricane blender units picture
high volume hurricane blender units image

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The trailer or truck mounted blender is a fracturing fluid preparation and proppant-proportioning unit which can execute a fracturing pumping design controlling both suction and discharge functions. The blender unit is equipped with two (2) power units. A Hurricane Style or Conventional Tub is designed to automatically increase or decrease fluid based on the outgoing demand.


Standard 5th Wheel to kingpin connection, air ride suspension, ICC DOT approved lighting featuring LED lighting package, brakes – DOT approved anti-lock brake system, tires: 14ply, 11R 24.5, with aluminum wheels, rear bumper with enclosed lights, rear tow connection, reflectors, and mud flaps.


Two (2) CAT, Detroit or Cummins Diesel Engines, radiator with anti static fan blade, anti static belts, and fan guard. Electric starter, alternator, air compressor, dry type air cleaner, and electronic control system with safety shutdown for low oil pressure, high water temperature, and low coolant level.


The hydraulic system on the blender is powered by a direct drive system via gear boxes off the power units.  Located on the operator control console will be the following controllers for the following motors – two (2) or three (3) 12’’ sand screws, six (6) liquid chemical pumps, two (2) dry additive meters, one (1)
Suction centrifugal pump, and one (1) Tub.


Hurricane Style tub top mounted drive, single Stage Mixer utilized for blending of proppants with fluids, higher control of proppant concentrations and adjustments, and virtually instantaneous change due to low tub size. For Conventional units, an open top blender tub, hydraulically driven mixing paddle, and discharge centrifugal pump will be installed.


The unit is equipped with one (1) hydraulically driven centrifugal pump.


The suction manifold will have fourteen (14) hose connections. Each connection will have a 4’’ air operated butterfly valve followed by a 4’’ figure 206 union connection (specify thread or wing half).  The discharge side of the Hurricane Style Tub will discharge into a manifold with fourteen (14) hose connections. Each connection will have a 4’’ air operated butterfly valve followed by a 4’’ figure 206 union connection (specify thread or wing half).

A gel line with two (2) 4’’ butterfly valves will be installed with figure 206 union connections will be plumbed into the discharge manifold.


Four (4) 330 gallon DOT liquid chemical totes will be installed on the work platform. Tanks are constructed out of Poly material and have a surrounding cage with a single point lifting system.  Tanks will be plumbed to operate independently and will have a 2’’ load line.


The unit will have six (6) liquid additive pumps of your choice i.e. :

  • Two (2) Waukesha U2 018 Pumps
  • Two (2) Waukesha U2 015 Pumps
  • Two (2) Waukesha U2 006 Pumps

Each pump can be controlled in manual or automatic mode and will each have coriolis flow meters with rate and totalizers

One (1) transfer pump – Graco pump or equivocal will be installed at the rear of the unit to load chemical totes.


Two (2) dry additive systems will be installed. One (1) 1’’ auger and one (1) with 2’’ auger. Magnetic pick-up will be used for product delivery analysis.  The dry additive meters can be controlled in manual or automatic mode.


The unit can be equipped with double or triple sand screw systems. Sand screws are sized based on your desired sand concentration requirements. Sand screws are equipped with a hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower, hopper with expanded metal guards around sand screw openings, and hinged side and rear doors.

FIP Smart Op-Acq System-Blender Automation & Controls

TheFIP Smart Op-Acq System Blender Automation & Control will have the ability to monitor sand, liquid additive pumps, dry additive pumps, down hole density, suction and discharge volume. This system is also designed to automatically or manually adjust and maintain preset set points of sand concentration, liquid additive concentration, and dry additive concentration.

Simulated Rate features used for training purposes and also allows the operator to test sand screws, dry additives, and liquid additive pump concentration rates prior to pumping down-hole.

Touch Screen Color Monitors will allow the operator the ability to operate the unit in manual or automatic mode

Displays real time operating parameters

  • Sand concentration
  • Liquid additive Concentration
  • Dry Additive Concentration
  • Centrifugal & tub parameters
  • Butterfly valve actuation control
  • Monitor hydraulic pressures and temperatures

Current stage and total job volume totals to include- Suction rate, discharge rate, liquid additives, dry additives, and sand control

Sand screws, dry additives, and liquid additive pumps can be slaved to blender clean rate or simulated rate.

Job data is stored on the on-board PLC and job parameters are transmitted to the data van for data acquisition and trending purposes.

Job Design has the ability to store up to 50 jobs with up to 100 stages


The Frac Blender unit shall be fully assembled, unitized and completed to the customer’s specifications, fire extinguisher, installation of LED work lights, two(2) fuel tanks, and complete comprehensive test and test report.