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The Freemyer Industrial Pressure Smart Operating/Acquisition System features a high quality touch screen monitor that displays operational information and user options in a practical and simplified manner. The result is a system that is extremely easy and intuitive for equipment operators to use, even in the most adverse of conditions. The FIP Smart Operating/Acquisition System is unique to the market and can seamlessly replace your cementer’s existing system.

The FIP Smart Op/Acq System is available for:

  • Offshore skids
  • Trailers
  • Truck Mounted Units


Monitoring Capabilities include:

  • Discharge pressure
    • Left side
    • Right Side
  • Flow
    • Left side
    • Right side
    • Total down-hole
  • Density
    • Automatically or manually adjust and maintain preset density points

Large Touch Screen Color Monitor:

  • Manual or automatic mode for cement mixing
  • High quality screen for reading in sunlight
  • Language Button allows the operator to choose from selected languages
    • Entire system will instantly change to the preferred language

Data Reporting:

  • Live Trending
  • Record Jobs
    • Up to 10 jobs with up to 10 stages
  • Data can be retrieved and viewed:
    • Locally on the on board computer
    • With a USB memory stick
    • Remotely via wired or wireless signal