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If your company’s system is under performing, retrofitting with FIP Automated Control Systems is the ideal solution. Merge your frac fleets together with a simple and intuitive user friendly system. The ability to easily control and monitor your entire frac fleet from one location allows you to reduce the number of experienced workers needed on the job site.


Equipped with a state of the art electronics system, giving the user full control and data monitoring capabilities. Touch screen monitors display real time operating parameters, while allowing the user to operate different units in manual or automatic modes.

  • Bottom hole plot feature
  • X-Y or tabular plot configuration
  • Customize Job Events as they occur
  • Ability to view or export job date to remote users

Real Time Data Collection includes:

  • Rate
  • Pressure
  • Density
  • Temperature
  • Analog
  • Frequency


FIP Frac Pump Controller:

Blender Automation and Control:

  • Monitors:
    • Sand
    • Liquid additive pumps
    • Dry additive pumps
    • Down hole density
    • Suction and discharge volume
  • Can adjust set points for:
    • Sand concentration
    • Liquid additive concentration
    • Dry additive concentration.

Hydration Automation and Control:

  • Monitors:
    • Liquid gel pumps
    • Liquid additive pumps
    • Tub leveling
    • Inlet flow volume
    • Blender suction
    • Discharge flow.
  • Can adjust set points for:
    • Liquid gel concentration
    • Liquid additive concentration
    • Tub fill / leveling
    • Suction and discharge centrifugal control

Liquid Additive Automation and Control:

  • Monitors and controls:
    • Liquid additive pumps
  • Can adjust preset set points for:
    • Liquid additive concentration