double cement pump
double cement pump
double cement pump
double cement pump
double cement pump
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The double cement pump is a high pressure pumping unit mounted on a skid, truck or a trailer. The unit is comprised of a high-pressure pumping system, all required controls, instrumentation, and a hydraulic system to drive fluid handling equipment


Two (2) Diesel CAT, Detroit, or Cummins Engines, rated for 630 BHP, radiator with anti static fan blade, anti static belts, and fan guard, electric starter, alternator, air compressor, dry type air cleaner, spark arresting muffler, and electronic control system with safety shutdown for low pressure, high water temperature, and low coolant level.


Two (2) CAT or Allison automatic transmissions, wet housing, 1810 output flanges, programmed for power shifting, with reverse blocked out, electric shift, and higher gears will be blocked to prevent the pump from over speeding.


Auxiliary pony motor will power the hydraulic system with a direct mounted gear box. This system will have flow controls/speed increasers for the following hydraulic motors – motor for the loading centrifugal pump, motor for the recirculation centrifugal pump, motor for the pressurizing centrifugal pump, motor for mixing paddles, inlet cement valve, and equipped with one (1) hydraulic cooler.


Two (2) OPI style compact 600HP triplex pumps. Includes gauge connection, discharge flanges, suction manifold with clean out ports, and plunger size of choice.


Grease pump lube system will be installed for packing lubrication that includes a quick refill kit. The lubrication system will be programmed to provide grease to all three (3) plungers when the pump is stroking and automatically shut off when the pump is not stroking.


  • This system is equipped with all components necessary to complete a Manual or Automatic Cement Mixing System. The system is designed for use with pneumatically delivered dry cement.
    Details of the cement mixing system are as follows:

    • Mix water is supplied to the mixing chamber from a hydraulically driven mix water centrifugal pumps
    • The cement mixing system uses a hydraulically controlled valve educator system with an inlet where by cement is blown into the unit to produce highly consistent cement slurries.
    • The cement slurry exits the Cement Mixing Chamber directly into mixing tank
  • Other components installed for the cement mixing system will be the following:
    • Manually operated valves will be installed on the mixing head recirculation lines
    • One (1) Non-Radioactive Micro Motion F Series 3” Densitometer,
    • One (1) 3” Turbine style flow meter will be installed to measure mix water.
    • One (1) 3” Y Strainer


Monitoring Capabilities include:

  • Discharge pressure
    • Left side
    • Right Side
  • Flow
    • Left side
    • Right side
    • Total down-hole
  • Density
    • Automatically or manually adjust and maintain preset density points

Large Touch Screen Color Monitor:

  • Manual or automatic mode for cement mixing
  • High quality screen for reading in sunlight
  • Language Button allows the operator to choose from selected languages
    • Entire system will instantly change to the preferred language

Data Reporting

  • Live Trending
  • Record Jobs
    • Up to 10 jobs with up to 10 stages
  • Data can be retrieved and viewed:
    • Locally on the on board computer
    • With a USB memory stick
    • Remotely via wired or wireless signal


Three (3) hydraulically driven centrifugals will be installed on the unit. One (1) centrifugal pump for loading tanks or providing mix water, one (1) centrifugal pump for recirculation, and one (1) and for pressurizing the down-hole pumps.


Slanted style sweeping bottom to provide full suction to the pumps. The fluid handling system includes two tanks carbon steel 20 barrel total capacity, 10 barrel each tank. These tanks are designed to eliminate side wall pop-out which can affect fluid displacement.

  • Other features:
    • Enumerated lever markers
    • Dump valves
    • Tanks overflow piping
    • Auxiliary mud/load line for external drilling fluids
    • Drain sumps
    • Removable rock/debris guard in each compartment


Installed on each triplex pump discharge connection facing the rear of the unit will be one (1) each 2” Fig. 1502 discharge union connection. It will connect each pump to a high pressure manifold


A complete release manifold will be installed on this unit for rolling fluids in the fluid holding tanks using the triplex pumps or for releasing pumped fluids from the wellbore back to the fluid holding tanks


The above unit shall be fully unitized and completed to the customer’s specifications. Installation of LED work lights, fire extinguisher, two (2) 150 Gallon fuel tanks will be installed, and complete comprehensive test and test report.