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Truck, trailer, skid mounted, or installed on your cement unit.  This system is capable of mixing 14 bpm and densities up to 22 lbs./gal.


Powered by hydraulics from your unit or driven by an auxiliary engine.


This system is equipped with all components necessary for a Circulating Cement Mixing (CCM) system. The CCM system is designed for use with pneumatically delivered dry cement.

  • The system is designed for the following operating performance:
    • Density Ranges:   6 to 22 lbs./gal.
    • Mixing Rates:       0 to 14 bpm
  • Mix water is supplied to the mixing chamber from either the fluid holding tanks or from external sources by a hydraulically driven 3″ x 4″ mix water centrifugal pump.
  • The CCM system uses a control valve educator system with an inlet where by cement is blown into the unit to produce highly consistent cement slurries.
  • The mixing chamber has the ability to recirculate slurry during periods of low mix rate operation or as a method of adjusting mixing energy and maintaining a uniform slurry.
  • The cement slurry exits the cement mixing chamber directly into a circulating cement mixing tub. It has an eight (8) bbl capacity mixing tub with two (2) compartments containing a hydraulic agitator with shaft and paddle in each compartment. Densitometer of choice available.


Loading pump, pressurizing pump, and recirculating pump will be mission sandmaster style centrifugal pumps.