bulk cement transports photo
bulk cement transport picture
bulk cement transport photo

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This unit can be a truck, trailer, or skid mounted, suitable for use in rough terrain oil field environments.

Two (2) vessels will be manufactured and certified to ASME standards.


Standard 5th wheel to kingpin connection, air ride suspension, ICC DOT approved lighting featuring LED lighting package, brakes-DOT approved anti-lock brake system, tires-11R X 24.5, rear bumper with enclosed lights, rear tow connections, reflectors, and rear mud flaps.


The air compressor will be powered by a diesel engine located at the front of the unit on the gooseneck of the trailer. Diesel Engine, radiator, with fan blade, fan guard and shroud, electric starter, dry type air cleaner, spark arresting muffler, flywheel housing, and engage/disengage PTO clutch.


Unit will be equipped with a belt driven air compressor for bulk delivery.  This Gardner Denver APOGAA air compressor will be located at the front of the unit on the gooseneck of the trailer alongside the power system.

Piston type air compressor with unloader valve rated for maximum working pressure of 30psi with adequate CFM for product delivery.


  • Two (2) vessels will be manufactured and ASME certified.
    • Located behind the power system and air compressor
      • 200, 220, or 330 cubic feet capacity.
  • The bulk tanks will have the ability to discharge at the rear of the trailer
  • MAWP is 30psi at 200°F
  • Vessels are equipped with
    • 20” west coast man way
    • four (4) 2”air inlets under fluffing pad system
    • one (1) 5” discharge connection
    • one (1) each fill and vent connection
  • All connections end with vitriolic nipples
  • Over pressure protection to be provided on incoming air manifold
  • Air supply to be rigged to provide air to tanks either individually or simultaneously


In between the bulk tanks will be a small work platform that is accessible from the passenger side of the unit. Hand rails will be fabricated on the ladder and surround the work platform


Installation of LED work lights, one(1) tool box of fittings box, and one (1) 50 gallon fuel tank or equivalent capacity.