Batch Mixer
Batch Mixer

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• Standard 5th Wheel to Kingpin connection
• 2” Kingpin with 3/8” plate
• Air ride suspension
• ICC DOT approved lighting featuring LED lighting package
• Brakes – DOT approved anti-lock brake system
• Tires – 11R x 24.5 – Customer to specify at time of order
• Two (2) Oil Bath Axles
• Rear bumper with enclosed lights
• Rear tow connection
• Bare frame is prime coated before installation of components
• Conspicuity tape
• Document holder bubble
• Reflectors
• Rear Mud Flaps


• CAT, John Deere, Cummins or Perkins Diesel Engine
• Radiator with fan blade, fan guard and shroud
• Electric Start
• Dry type air cleaner
• Spark arresting muffler
• Alternator
• Electronic control system with monitor for engine temperature, oil pressure, tachometer, with safety shutdown for low oil pressure, high water temperature, and low coolant level.
• Flywheel adaptation for hydraulic gear box
• Dual batteries and battery boxes – 12 volt
• Battery disconnect


The deck engine will power the hydraulic system with a hydraulic gearbox.

This system will have on the operator control panel flow controls / RPM speed increasers for the following hydraulic motors:
• Motor for the recirculation centrifugal pump
• Motor for the boost centrifugal pump
• Motor for mixing paddles


The fluid handling system includes two (2) 50 barrel tanks (100 barrel total capacity) with 6” outlet. The tanks will feature a cylindrical closed top with
conical bottom made of Carbon Steel.

The tanks are designed to eliminate side wall pop-out which can affect fluid displacement.

Other features:
• 20” man way
• Hydraulic driven mixing paddles
• Enumerated level markers
• Manual dump valves
• Load and suction valves will be manually operated butterfly valves with Buna seats.
• Tank discharge connections will be located on the bottom to allow for proper discharging of fluids.
• All piping will be constructed out of Schedule 40 pipe utilizing vitriolic connections for ease of maintenance.
• 3” F Series Non Nuclear Micro Motion Densitometer.


Two (2) hydraulically driven Gardner Denver centrifugal pumps will be installed on the unit. One (1) 5 x 6 for recirculation and one (1) 5 x 6 to boost the down hole pump (s).


Installed on an elevated walkway will be a UL Rated Stainless Steel operator control console. The control platform decking will be fabricated out of fiber glass grating with a Stainless Steel access ladder. This console will be supplied with all necessary controls for the full and complete operation of this unit during all possible phases of well servicing operations.


The above unit shall be fully assembled, unitized and completed to the customer’s specifications, including installation of work lights, one (1) Tool Box or Fittings Box, and one (1) 100 gallon fuel tank.