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The Well Service Pump is a high pressure pumping unit mounted on a heavy duty oilfield style skid or trailer.  The unit is comprised of a high-pressure pumping system, all required controls, and instrumentation.


Single piece skid will have loading bars on each end. In addition, all four (4) corners of the skid will have a lock down feature to secure the skid during transportation.

ENGINE (CAT, Detroit, or Cummins)

Diesel Engine, radiator rated with fan blade, fan guard, and shroud, electric start, dry type air cleaner, spark arresting muffler, and electronic control system with monitor for engine temperature, oil pressure, tachometer, with safety shutdown for low oil pressure, high water temperature, and low coolant level.

TRANSMISSION (Allison, or Eaton)

Manual or automatic transmission, higher gears will be blocked to prevent the pump from over speeding, reverse will be blocked to prevent pump from spinning in the opposite direction, and transmission output flange.


Gardner Denver TGE Well Servicing Pumps combine the tried and proven TEE designs with a gear reducer for superior service in oil fields throughout the world. The triplex pump power end will be lubricated by the TGE’s internal design system which features an internal oil pump and internal reservoir. Other pump models available to suit your pumping requirements.


Installed on the unit will be a dual discharge manifold, and a bladder style discharge dampener will be installed on the triplex.


Installed on the unit will be a UL rated stainless steel enclosure with an operated control console. This console will be supplied with all necessary controls and gauges for the full and complete operation of this unit during all possible phases of well servicing operations.


The above unit shall be fully unitized and completed to the customer’s specifications.

Installation of LED 24 hour lighting system, fire extinguisher, one (1) 100 Gallon fuel tanks will be installed, Chiksan rack, iron rack, hose rack, and complete comprehensive test and test report.