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Built to pump 10,000 psi or more consistently and continuously for long periods of time. This pump has historically pumped for 30 days straight with only periodic oil and water checks without repacking. This unit may be placed on a trailer with mixing tanks, chassis mounted, or installed on your coil tubing unit. It will operate well with up to 525 hp. This power can be from the diesel of your choice or a transfer case from the road engine.


Choice of Engine: Cat, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, electric motor or other engine.

We prefer automatics, however we can use manual transmissions if you prefer. This unit may be remotely operated from the control cabin or from another position if desired.


Heavy-duty skid that can be bolted or welded onto a chassis. Heavy-duty reinforced cross members for adequate support.


Fluid end rated for 10,000 psi at 77 gpm. Pressure gauge, automatic water lube packing system, Stainless Steel fluid block, Stainless Steel suction manifold, Stainless Steel discharge manifold, individual Stainless Steel stuffing boxes, maximum strength and corrosion resistant, heat treated Stainless Steel valve cartridges for simple maintenance, spring loaded, self adjusting Kryptonite packing, colmonoy or solid tungsten carbide plungers.

FMC Power Frame: Cast iron frame, ductile iron crank, steel tapered roller type main bearings, ductile iron connecting rod, cast iron crosshead, and Stainless Steel pony rods.