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Type & Size – 5,000 gallon 3 compartment MC412MS tank trailer. Compartment sizes of choice. Radar level indicators.

Product – Various gel and acid fluids

Suspension – Heavy duty air ride suspension assembly

Axles – 2-D22 22,500lbs axles Dana with spring brakes and outboard drums

Brakes – 16- ½” X 7” X ¾” and Sealco 4S/2M ABS Air System

Tires and Wheels – 11R 24.5 radial tires on aluminum wheels

Landing gear – 2 speed roll-up 50K lift, 140K static load

Lights – 12 volt LED work lights powered off the customer supplied tractor for night time operations. Work light will illuminate all work areas and ladders.

Domes – Three (3) -18” Clay and Bailey with drip pan and drain hoses

Overturn Rails – Overturn protection, Tombstone type for each compartment

Ladder/Walkway – Ladder at center drivers side to walkway with handrails. Meets OSHA standards


The on-board auxiliary engine will power the hydraulic system. This system will have on the operator control panel flow control/RPM speed increasers on the following: Six (6) liquid chemical pumps.


Stainless steel hosing with convoluted Teflon liner on hosing coming from each compartment.  Six (6) 1” manually operated hose reel assemblies capable of holding up to 100’ of chemical hose.


Six (6) hydraulically operated liquid chemical pumps will be installed to load tanks or discharge to hose reel. Equipped with E&H or Micro Motion flow meters.


Installed at the rear of the unit will be a control console with all necessary controls and gauges for the full and complete operation of this unit during all possible phases:

Hydraulic Controls 

  • Three (3) liquid chemical pump speed controllers


  • Work light switches
  • Butterfly switches will be open/closed style


One (1) hose trough, flip placards, fire extinguisher, 150 gallon fuel tank.


Internally lined with Tnemec 120, 390, fiber glass or rubber lining.