acid transport unit photo
acid transport unit photo

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The fluid handling system includes up to three (3) compartments, 4,000 or 5,000 gallon trailer mounted acid transport, which can be utilized to convey acid to and from the well site. This unit is internally coated and designed to meet DOT 412 specifications.


Capacity: 4,000 or 5,000 US gallon (+/- 3%) compartments: Up to three (3) compartments

Commodity: Unspecified fluids (regulated as hazardous material)

Tank Construction: 51″ ID straight round X 30′-0″ Seam/Seam (40′-0″ OAL)

Tank Material: 1/4″ SA-36 shell, 3/8″ heads   Stiffening Rings: 3/8″ A36 x 2-1/2″ flat bar

Bulkheads: Two (2) 1/4″ SA-36 materials

DOT 412 specification, 20″ x 8″ acid manways, fiberglass spill wells at each manway with 1-1/4″ drains with two (2) double wall connected Tombstones at each manway.


Standard 5th Wheel, landing legs, Hutch CH9700 suspension with 8-leaf springs or air ride suspension, axles (22,500 lbs. capacity per axle), 16-1/2″ x 7″ S-cam brakes with autoslack adjusters & Rockwell-Wabco 4S/2M anti-lock brake system.



  • Sandblast and coat with Tnemec 120, Tnemec 390, rubber or fiber glass lining.
  • Superior protection against organic and inorganic acids and sour crude.
  • The sprayable lining for tanks and vessels, provides splash, spillage and fumes protection for structural surfaces.  Frequently used as a top coat for additional chemical resistance.


  • Sandblast, epoxy prime, polyurethane top coat, single color, clear coat finish.

Full compliment of safety decals


Venting: Girard Stainless Steel relief vents, One (1) each at top front of each compartment, also, positive venting provided by 3″ air operated valve in each compartment.  Mounted on top.

Emergency Valves: 4″ valves

Piping: One (1) 4″ outlet bottom rear of each compartment, 4″ steel pipe manifold runs from the rear of the tank forward to 36″ behind landing gear or as specified by customer.

Outlet Valves: Two (2) 4″ manual butterfly valves, one (1) isolation valve

Outlet Adapters: 4″ Hammer Unions with dust caps and chain tethers.

Gaskets: All gaskets are Viaton