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“There is a difference in equipment providers, and we are here to prove it.” 

– Len Freemyer

About Freemyer Industrial Pressure

In 1988, The Freemyer Company formed with a focus on acidizing oil wells, before quickly expanding into Industrial Cleaning. By the end of the century, The Freemyer Company had further expanded to 5 divisions serving the Permian Basin: Well Service, Industrial Cleaning which had 14 locations and was licensed in 35 states, Manufacturing which serviced the industry domestically and internationally, Pump Rental, and Drum Recycling which received the Governors Award for Industrial Cleanliness. In 2000, the Well Service Division was sold to Cudd Pressure Control, and Freemyer Industrial Pressure, LP was formed with a focus on equipment.

With customers currently using FIP equipment in more than 20 countries across the globe, Freemyer Industrial Pressure has since evolved into one of the world’s leading providers of oil and gas well service equipment. We have accomplished this by building the highest quality equipment in the world, while believing the relationship between an equipment provider and customer will always work best as a partnership.

For our customers to achieve optimal results, we recognize that different jobs have different requirements. With this in mind, our equipment is custom designed to meet the needs of our customers. FIP works with a vast array of high quality component manufacturers, with most major components being built in the USA. On average, we then deliver equipment in less than half the time needed by other equipment providers.

Whereas other equipment providers may feel equipment delivery effectively signals the end of the transaction, we believe this to simply be the beginning of a partnership. FIP’s Service Team will be available to provide training for your employees on your equipment. Our Field Service Crews are always available to provide equipment service and maintenance. We have a highly experienced team of experts specialized in Restoring and Refurbishing any and all equipment. We can even retrofit our systems into place on other company’s equipment.

At Freemyer Industrial Pressure, we believe our long term success is directly tied to that of our customers. With that in mind, everything we do is done with the sole goal of making our customers as successful as possible.